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Dr. Gray

A Little About Dr. Gray

Jessica Gray, M.D. is a family medicine physician at UMC Southwest Medical with special interests in women's and adolescent health care.

Jessica Gray, M.D. is a Family Medicine physician at UMC Southwest Medical. She cares for patients of all ages and enjoys providing a wide range of care— from ear aches and sore throats to mental health. Dr. Gray’s specialty interests of women’s health and adolescent health are a great fit at the UMC Southwest Medical campus that focuses on all-encompassing health care for women and their families.

Dr. Gray received her Doctor of Medicine, Family Medicine Accelerated Track from the Texas Tech University School of Medicine before completing her Family Medicine Residency at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. She also served as Chief Resident Physician. Dr. Gray recently completed the REACH Institute’s Patient-Centered Mental Health in Primary Care Mini-Fellowship, which focuses on treatment of mental health conditions including: ADD, ADHD, anxiety and depression for pediatric and adolescent patients.

She looks forward to building relationships and working together with the families of West Texas to form a partnership for lifelong health and wellness.

"I enjoy the fact that I can approach care as a partner with my patients—we are able to work together for health and wellness."

- Dr. Jessica Gray

A Good Fit

Dr. Gray's passion for healthy living shows in her care for patients.

A good fit

What do you enjoy about Family Medicine?

I have a passion for providing a wide-range of care, which Family Medicine allows me to do. I also enjoy the fact that I can approach care as a partner with my patients—we are able to work together for health and wellness.

What differentiates you from other providers?

I have an emphasis on adolescent health. My hope is to make a positive impact during this time of life and to partner with parents to help them approach the physical, mental, and emotional changes their adolescent is going through.

What motivates you to provide care?

I love being able to see my patients improve and take charge of their own health.

What would we find you doing outside of work?

I'm really into fitness and nutrition, so you can often find me in a fitness class. Exercise and nutrition are fundamental to great health, which is why I always encourage being consciencious about what you put into your body.

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